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Beginning in 2022, YPS Anesthesia and EmergencHealth had the opportunity to bring together their successful organizations realizing the opportunity to become better together. Now united as one company, we are now known as Essential Anesthesia Management Group, or more familiarly “EAM”.  Importantly, the EH and YPS names are not going away, but coming together in a way that more easily communicates our brand development. 


The Essential name truly reflects who we are. Though never in the limelight, our services are undoubtedly essential in every operating room. Beyond this, our name serves as a powerful expression of how we interact with each other, our customers and our patients. Establishing and nurturing relationships with surgeons, hospital administrators and other clinicians is essential. Finally, as we serve patients in their most vulnerable circumstances, our excellence, reassurance and trust is essential.                                                    


Our founders Dr. Bolnick, Dr. Link, Matt Mitchell, CRNA and Tracy Young, CRNA have devoted countless hours creating and developing relationships in building these organizations. These client relationships are the reason why it is important that we not just maintain the EH and YPS names but evolve them as part of the core from which EAM will grow and succeed.  


The updated colors and text in the legacy logos visually reinforce that the brand is growing together. EAM is becoming an umbrella brand (think Marriott VS Marriott Courtyard) that will make space for the legacy of both companies, as well as room to grow in a way that acknowledges our past is part of our future.  


Our vision is to transform the anesthesia experience by focusing on who is essential. It is our mission to be unwavering in our commitment to excellence in anesthesia services while establishing and nurturing relationships with our clinicians, administrators, surgeons and their patients.

A True Partnership

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